Construction and finishing materials

Our customers are located in virtually every region of the Russian Federation and abroad. PPGI supplied by OrelMetallPolymer is used to manufacture the following products:

  • Composite panels (sandwich panels) for roof and wall cladding
  • Corrugated panels (C8, C20, C21, C40, C44 etc.)
  • Metal tile roofing
  • Guttering
  • Roller shutters and sunshades
  • Fences and walls (gates, doors, fences, picket boards, etc.)

OrelMetallPolymer have been supplying PPGI with high aesthetic properties for construction and finishing of airports and offices, administrative buildings and sports facilities, shopping malls and residential buildings, cultural and entertainment centers. We have been fulfilling orders for PPGI used in chemical industry, agriculture, oil and gas industry, livestock and poultry farming, food and medical industry.

Recently we have supplied PPGI for several important infrastructure projects in Russia, such as construction of infection hospital for Covid-19 patients in Moscow Region, finishing of railway hub Ryazansky and metro station Nizhegorodskaya in Moscow, reconstruction of Terminal C of the International Airport Sheremetyevo in Moscow.

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