Special topcoat systems


We offer topcoat systems with special properties for applications with particular requirements. Such coatings may be anti-vandal with high mechanical stability, anti-freezing, antibacterial, reflective coatings for Cool Roof technology, etc.
Taking into account our customers’ requests, OrelMetallPolymer specialists in cooperation with paint suppliers have developed a range of proprietary coating systems under OMP brand name: 

are ammonia-resistant coatings that withstand mechanical impact and use of cleaning solutions, so they are perfect for applications inside of agricultural and livestock buildings.
are coatings for food industry and healthcare; they are safe and resistant to cleaning detergents, ultraviolet, mechanical impact and disinfectants. Upon customers’ request we can add antibacterial components to our coatings.
are reflective coatings with reduced absorption of solar energy. They are intended, among other applications, for use in sustainable green building.
are intended for industrial construction materials: RC5.1-OMP are coatings for outer surfaces of framing structures, especially for regions with hot, sunny and wet climate; RC5.2-OMP are coatings for inner surfaces of framing structures; and RC5.3-OMP are intended for inner surfaces of fencing directly facing acid or alkaline production, or for northern regions with extremely low ambient temperatures.
is a unique coating system combining enhanced mechanical and protective properties with improved appearance: high gloss and color depth.
is a new coating system for demanding high-tech applications such as laser cutting, deep drawing, etc.
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