Materials with advanced environmental characteristics.

HPBS together with OrelMetallPolymer have developed PPGI with advanced environmental characteristics that can be exported to EU countries.

Today, the main direction of industrial progress in developed countries is to increase the sustainability of development, especially environmental friendliness. This is also relevant for the construction industry, where the improvement of environmental friendliness is assessed both in terms of the materials used and in terms of environmental impact. The most important indicator here is an increase in the energy efficiency of structures. That is why composite facade and roofing solutions are gaining great popularity both in industrial and civil construction, including residential ones, using modern thermal insulation materials - mineral wool and poroplasts (polyurethane foam, polyisocyanurate foam or polystyrene foam).

Modern thermal insulation materials with low thermal conductivity are tens of times more effective than classical ones. However, traditional materials, such as concrete and brick, have another property that allows to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building with frequent fluctuations in temperature outside - they have a high heat capacity.The ability of a building to hold the temperature is called thermal inertia. Therefore, the most energy efficient design solutions can be obtained using a combination of modern heat insulating materials that protect the building from heat loss, and traditional heat-consuming materials that can hold the heat for a long time.

Modern heat-insulating materials need protection from both atmospheric and mechanical influences. PPGI is best suited for this purpose and used for production of sandwich panels, ventilated facades and metal cassettes or composite panels.

Polymer coating has the following objectives: to provide aesthetic appearance, increase the corrosion resistance of the metal base, and add special properties to the metal substrate. For example, OrelMetallPolymer’s proprietary coating system Energy-OMP, developed in conjunction with leading experts in the field of green construction, HPBS, – provides an increase in the energy efficiency of buildings by reducing the absorption of solar energy.

OrelMetallPolymer offers a wide range of PPGI with decorative coatings: metallic, textured, super-gloss, matte, pearlescent and chameleon, as well as coating systems of improved quality with increased corrosion resistance, plasticity or hardness, plus coatings with special properties - anti-vandal, anti-icing, with antibacterial properties, coatings for northern or southern regions, regions with a marine climate, for the agricultural and livestock sector, for the chemical or food industry. The coatings are based on polyester (PE), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), polyurethane (PU/PUR), resins and polyvinylchlorides - plastisols (PVC).

Thanks to such a wide range of coatings, modern builders manage to combine a large number of different properties in one structural element, depending on the tasks, increasing energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of buildings.

The next step of the project is to calculate the carbon footprint of products

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