New spectrophotometer for color control

At OrelMetalPolymer we continue to expand the range of applied coatings, at the same time guaranteeing high quality of our products. An important aspect of our work is the control of the polymer coating color compliance, which becomes even more important with an increase in demand for metallic and iridescent coatings.

Accurate reproduction and quality control of such coatings is a difficult task: their peculiarity is that such coatings look different from different angles of view due to the fact that light is reflected from paint pigments in different directions. Conventional spherical spectrophotometers cannot accurately measure the color of such coatings, so we have purchased a new multi-angle spectrophotometer for our QC department.

A multi-angle spectrophotometer has six measurement angles. Its purchase allows us to guarantee to our customers high correspondence of coating color in the batch, between batches and compliance with the standard not only in ordinary colors, but also in colors with effects – such as metallic and chameleons.

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