At OrelMetallPolymer we continue to test PPGI with our proprietary antibacterial coating called Eco-OMP.

As we reported earlier, this coating system received an expert opinion on compliance with the current state sanitary and epidemiological rules and hygienic requirements. Now we decided to independently check the Eco-OMP for resistance to detergents and disinfection solutions.

Last week our QC department conducted abrasion resistance tests using cotton soaked in 60% hydrogen peroxide solution. The test is carried out in a special device for linear abrasion, which performs one forward-backward translational movement (one double pass) in one second, pressing the material wet with solvent to the surface of the test sample with a certain force.

The test result is considered satisfactory if the polymer coating is not rubbed through to the primer in 100 double passes. PPGI samples with Eco-OMP coating have successfully withstood 200 double passes. This is an excellent result which confirms Eco-OMP’s high resistance to the action of concentrated detergents and disinfectants.

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