Development Director of OrelMetallPolymer, Mr. Vasily Chernetsov, visited the Investment Message of the Oryol Region Governor Mr. Klychkov that took place on December 08, 2023 at TMK GRINN in Oryol.

The event was attended by representatives of the region’s legislative and executive authorities, top managers of business enterprises and public organizations, and heads of municipalities.

The key topics of the Governor's Investment Message were plans to implement priority investment and national projects, fulfill social obligations and ensure the sustainability of the regional economy.

Mr. Klychkov summed up the previous year’s work results: “The Oryol region shows a decent result. We were able to achieve growth in all economic indicators”. New goals for 2024 were also announced: "We set ourselves the task of not reducing the scope of work that was carried out and began in 2023. This applies to social infrastructure facilities, road construction, ensuring social guarantees and the continuation of the significant social facilities implementation”.

“The center of our attention is a person and everything that affects their well-being and professional improvement”, - said Mr. Klychkov. He noted that the implemented course of socio-economic development of the Oryol region is aimed at creating comfortable living conditions in the region.

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