"OMP" at the RUSSIA exhibition

Development Director of OrelMetallPolymer Mr. Vasily Chernetsov took part in the business program of the Oryol Region Day at the RUSSIA International Exhibition-Forum that takes place in Moscow till April 12, 2024.

In the morning, Government of the Oryol Region organized a round table "Strategy for the Industry Development, Experience of the Oryol Region Companies" chaired by the Governor of the Oryol Region Mr. Andrey Klychkov.

The round table was attended by heads of leading industrial enterprises of the Oryol Region, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Government of the Oryol Region, the Federal Center for Competencies in the Field of Labor Productivity and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Oryol Region.

Participants discussed the most important current issues and tasks, in particular, the lack of personnel and the diversification of industries.

After the grand opening of the Oryol Region Day, Governor Klychkov presented honorary awards to outstanding Oryol residents. Throughout the day, cultural, entertainment and educational events were held at the booth of the region, where valuable prizes and memorable gifts were given.

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