Coatings with improved consumer properties

Due to the development of the oil and gas and chemical industries, as well as the agricultural sector, there is a need in the Russian and international markets for PPGI with improved consumer properties.

Therefore, OMP specialists, together with partners and paint suppliers, have mastered a wide range of polymer coatings: based on polyester (PE up to 35 microns), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF up to 60 microns), polyurethane (PUR up to 60 microns), polyvinylchloride (PVC/plastisol up to 300 microns) and fluorine-containing resins (FEVE varnishes of 5 μm).

Based on the above materials, we offer to our customers coating systems with improved consumer and aesthetic properties: low color variation (∆E less than 0.3), high plasticity (T-bend less than 1) or hardness (up to H), with textured surface, metallic, chameleons and pearlescent, as well as coatings with special properties: anti-vandal, anti-icing, antibacterial, for household appliances, drainage systems, reflex coatings with reduced solar energy absorption - Energy-OMP*, eco-friendly coatings - Eco-OMP*, as well as coatings with increased corrosion resistance even in aggressive environments:

- for materials used inside buildings and structures for livestock and agricultural purposes we have developed a system based on PUR resins with a thickness of 50 μm, which shows high resistance to ammonia, detergent solutions and mechanical impact - Agro-OMP*;

- for materials used in the industrial sector, systems based on PUR with a thickness of 35 μm have been developed - RC5.1-OMP* - for external surfaces of enclosing structures, on the basis of PVDF with a thickness of 40 μm - RC5.2-OMP* - for internal surfaces of enclosing structures, on the basis of PVC with thickness of 200 μm - RC5.3-OMP * - for internal surfaces of fences of zones directly related to acid or alkaline production.

The RC5.1-OMP* system also shows good results used on external surfaces of enclosing structures in southern and subtropical regions, and RC5.3-OMP* is suitable for northern regions with extremely low temperatures in winter and below 35°C in summer.

Our specialists are always ready to help our customers and partners in the implementation of the most difficult and ambitious tasks!

* Coils with thickness at least 0.45 mm, zinc coating grade at least 160 g/m2 on two sides. Lamination is recommended for PE and PVDF coatings.

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