Supplied ppgi for oil industry

In early February, OrelMetallPolymer supplied PPGI with PVC-based coating to the customer DiFerro for sandwich panels production. The panels were intended for the construction of a critical infrastructure facility at the Kuyumbinsky oil and gas field (Krasnoyarsk Region of the Russian Federation).

PVC-based coatings have the greatest thickness, which in combination with high protective properties makes it possible to effectively use PPGI with PVC coatings in aggressive environments and/or severe climatic conditions.

We also offer our proprietary PVC-based coatings with improved consumer characteristics for the production of building materials for industrial and agricultural sectors:

RC5.1-OMP - for external surfaces of enclosing structures, especially in regions with hot and sunny or humid subtropical climates,

RC5.2-OMP - for internal surfaces of enclosing structures,

RC5.3-OMP - for internal surfaces of fences of chemical production zones, as well as northern regions with extremely low temperatures,

Agro-OMP - has high resistance to ammonia and detergent solutions, also withstands mechanical action.

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