Processing recommendations

In order to keep PPGI from damage during shipment and processing, we can offer application of protective film on the strip surface. This film can withstand processing and assembly, if need be, and be removed afterwards from the end product surface.

However, PPGI processors should pay attention to the condition of their equipment and tools – dies, rolls, knives, etc., and provide necessary maintenance to prevent surface damage. 

In order to avoid appearance of scratches, abrasions or cracks on the precoated surface, we recommend to maintain both the environment temperature in the processing facility and the temperature of PPGI itself above 15 degrees Celsius. Prepainted coils and end products should be stored in dry heated warehouses. We also advise to process precoated metal within 6 months from its production.

Packaging of end products made of prepainted metal should protect them from damage, dirt and moist (especially between parts), and eliminate rubbing of surfaces.

Subject to following these recommendations, precoated metal will keep its protective and aesthetic properties for years to come.

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