Priorities of OrelMetalPolymer are consistent high quality of our products and services, and attention to our customers’ needs. Our customers are manufacturers of such critical products as sandwich panels, façade panels, white goods and industrial equipment. Our company policy aims at constant quality improvement, which is why we have applied ISO 9001 quality management system.

OrelMetalPolymer are a solid team of skilled professionals in metallurgy, metal processing and related industries, combined with research and development experts. We relentlessly deepen expertise of our employees of all ranks. We are in close contact with our customers, scrutinizing and answering their needs, and gathering their feedback. This approach helps us to enhance our proficiency in coil coating specifics and assist our customers in reaching their production goals.

Our cutting-edge well equipped workshop laboratory and QC department continuously monitor incoming coils and consumables, check production parameters and control quality of finished products. Apart from that, they conduct research aimed at improving quality and end user performance of our products.

Our suppliers of components and consumables are leading local and global manufacturers. We cooperate with them to develop new coatings with enhanced performance: reduced color variation, increased corrosion resistance, plasticity or hardness, as well as coatings with special properties.

At OrelMetalPolymer we are consistently perfecting our production and customer service.

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